Last month, we highlighted the Relationship Building Block of HOPE, exploring the importance of relationships and the ways they influence a person’s health and well-being. In the second edition of the HOPE Building Blocks Series, we highlight one building block and discuss its application to university students, we will cover the power of Social and Civic Engagement to increase feelings of connectedness.

Social and civic engagement involves active participation and collaboration within one’s community. This is a crucial aspect of a thriving community in order to strengthen its resilience and reflect its collective identity.

Social engagement yields several benefits:

  1. It strengthens relationships and builds social capital—a network of trust and support benefiting both individuals and the community.
  2. It fosters inclusivity and diversity by promoting understanding and respect through interactions with people from diverse backgrounds.
  3. It enhances mental well-being by reducing isolation and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose through social interaction.

Civic engagement strengthens democracy by holding officials accountable, promoting values such as equality, encouraging political participation, and empowering individuals to advocate for social change.

Click here for our full spotlight on this building block and its application to SDSU students.


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