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About Steve Hornberger


Steve Hornberger

Steve Hornberger has been the Co-Director of the Social Policy Institute (SPI) since 2014 administering a number of statewide contracts and local projects “expanding child, family and community well-being.” He received the SDSU Provost’s Innovation Award in 2018 for the SPI Board Fellows Program and SPI’s 2020 Healthy Aging Across the Lifespan project is a finalist for the SDSU Big Idea Competition.

Areas of Expertise

Child Welfare
Behavioral Health
Steve has over 30 years of experience in human services and community building with national, state, and local government and private agencies on cross system collaboration, organizational change, family driven services and community-based services. He is particularly interested in family and community wellness, social justice issues and the role of civil society. Steve was elected into the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Pioneers in 2007 for recognition of his leadership, innovation, and success. Currently, he is on the National Recovery Month Planning Partners, the San Diego Accountable Communities for Health Stewardship Group, and on the Advisory Boards of San Diego CIE, Breaking Barriers and CA Children’s Trust.


Bachelors Degree Sociology
Masters Degree Social Work
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