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The Staff of SPI

The Social Policy Institute (SPI) has a strong commitment to cross-system collaboration between health and human service systems and the individuals and families they serve throughout California and the nation. Our work is centered on improving access to care, quality of life, and community wellness. We bring innovation to the field through policy building, program coordination and research and evaluation.

SPI routinely conducts program evaluation, collaborative research, and designs integrated learning systems. Our work on continuous quality improvement (CQI) systems for various organizations and networks is focused on the goal of transforming data into meaningful action for evidence-informed products and processes.

SPI is fully committed to an ecology of wellness and recovery. Director Steve Hornberger, an NASW Pioneer and past Director of Behavioral Health for CWLA, brings vision and perspective for transformation from his many years of experience with individual, family and community well-being. We are a team of passionate individuals who are certified, experienced facilitators providing technical assistance on local, statewide, and national issues. SPI is invested in engaging, educating, and mobilizing high performance partnerships. Our core values include leadership, excellence and quality of life and will continue to collaborate and work with other stakeholders, community leaders, and subject matter experts to achieve our mission of being a catalyst for improving the communities we serve.

Steve Hornberger

Steve Hornberger has been the Co-Director of the Social Policy Institute (SPI) since 2014 administering a number of statewide contracts and local projects…

Lori Clarke

As Chief Program Officer, Lori brings innovation and excellence to design/development and facilitation of transformational insight …

Brenda Bothel-Hammond

Brenda Bothel-Hammond is the SPI Aging Specialist who has dedicated the past 20 years to supporting older adults’…

Stories of Success

What Our Partners Say

Elizabeth Estes

“The Social Policy Institute’s Director, Steve Hornberger, has been an integral part of Breaking Barriers development and implementation.”

Elizabeth Estes

Robin Jenkins

“San Diego State University’s Social Policy Institute has been a highly valued partner for the State of California and an array of organizations seeking to effectively translate evidence-supported science into well-designed public policies for broad social benefits.”

Robin Jenkins

Dr. Rachelle Benson

“The entire team at the Social Policy Institute brought subject matter expertise and cultural humility to the revision and redesign of our Faith-based and Behavioral Health Training Academy!”

Dr. Rachelle Benson

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