Integrated Core Practice Model (ICPM)

In partnership with state-wide expert Richard Knecht, one of SPI’s Associates, and aligned with Ventura County’s priorities, the SPI team has worked since 2022 to support and guide the ICPM rollout in Ventura County.

This included Leadership training and the development of the ICPM foundational training curriculum designed specifically for Ventura County, as well as the implementation of Transfer of Learning activities such as Ventura County’s ICPM Communities of Practice.

Ventura County is the first California county to have its own tailored curriculum specific to interagency teaming and effectiveness. It was designed to be an interactive training to support frontline staff and supervisors in understanding the County’s vision for a Wellness System, learning how the ICPM will support this new framework, and engaging in a relational, authentically shared approach to practice. Training concepts reinforce the importance of shared values and principles. Participants are provided skills and tools necessary to support them in understanding their role and responsibility within Ventura’s Wellness System and the ICPM.

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