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About Angelica Oberleithner

Program Director

Angelica Oberleithner

Angelica Oberleithner is the Program Director at the SPI, and currently the program lead for SPI’s ACEs Aware project. During her time at the SPI, Angelica functioned in the role of Strategies 2.0 Director for the SPI/SDSU team in the statewide Strategies 2.0 collaboration and as Program Manager for the statewide IHSS Training Academy.
Angelica Oberleithner

Areas of Expertise

Early Childhood, Child Welfare, Prevention Systems
Program Design, Development and Implementation
Program Management and Staff Development
Fluent in German and Spanish

Angelica brings more than 20 years of work experience in child welfare and prevention in various communities. This includes grassroots work in Guatemala, program and executive management in various non-profit organizations in Philadelphia, and work on the early childhood systems level and implementing statewide prevention projects in North Carolina.

In her spare time, Angelica loves to travel, and enjoys being outside, hiking, swimming, and paddle boarding.

Angelica Oberleithner


Master’s Degree in Sociology, University of Vienna
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