The Social Policy Institute

We believe that individuals of all ages should have access to the services, supports, and resources essential to actively participate in, feel connected to, and achieve wellness within their family and community.


Healthy aging across the lifespan is critical for vibrant communities.

Child Welfare

Focusing on hope and wellness in children, families and communities.

Behavioral Health

Fostering the ability to participate in productive activities.


Focus on improving the complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

What We Do

Programs & Initiatives

We are committed to developing desirable, feasible and viable improvements that increase well-being, improve the bottom line, and foster better lives for individuals, families and communities across the State.

ACEs Aware

Increasing awareness and building regional networks to buffer and prevent adverse childhood experiences.

Breaking Barriers

A collaborative throughout California focused on shared leadership, data, and resources/finances.


A human-centered design process to create innovative proposals to reduce stigma and increase access to care.

BIG Idea

SDSU’s initiative to focus on healthy aging across the lifespan and becoming an age-friendly university.

Age-Friendly San Diego

An initiative working to create an age-friendly community for people of all ages in San Diego County.

Partners in Prevention

A integrated system that helps families thrive through a connected community that builds protective factors.

Stepping Higher

Faith-based and behavioral health professionals working to recognize spirituality in behavioral health.

SDSU Board Fellows

A program to help pairing of social work and business interns with Community-based Boards.

Strengthen Engagement and Collaboration

We apply human-centered design methods, project planning and systems thinking at both the service delivery and policy-making levels.

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Curriculum and Resources Developed
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Social Policy Institute


SPI's Executive Leadership brings subject matter expertise in their respective fields as well as a combined track record for innovation and quality.

Steve Hornberger

Steve Hornberger is the Co-Director of the Social Policy Institute (SPI) since 2014 administering a number of statewide contracts.

Lori Clarke

As Co-Director, Lori brings innovation and excellence to design/development and facilitation of insight and action.

Stories of Success

What Our Partners Say

Elizabeth Estes

“The Social Policy Institute’s Director, Steve Hornberger, has been an integral part of Breaking Barriers development and implementation.”

Elizabeth Estes

Robin Jenkins

“San Diego State University’s Social Policy Institute has been a highly valued partner for the State of California and an array of organizations seeking to effectively translate evidence-supported science into well-designed public policies for broad social benefits.”

Robin Jenkins

Dr. Rachelle Benson

“The entire team at the Social Policy Institute brought subject matter expertise and cultural humility to the revision and redesign of our Faith-based and Behavioral Health Training Academy!”

Dr. Rachelle Benson

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