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Center for Excellence in Aging & Longevity

``The Center for Excellence in Aging & Longevity (CEAL) spearheads efforts to meet the current and emerging challenges of healthy aging across the lifespan.``

The Beginning

Facing the Challenge

Older adults are the fastest growing segment of our population. Education, services, systems, and communities need to adjust to meet the changing needs of an aging society. SDSU is actively addressing these issues by creating the Center for Excellence in Aging and Longevity to catalyze efforts to meet the current and emerging challenges of healthy aging across the lifespan through collaboration and community engagement.

Read the announcement – It’s official! SDSU is now one of 77 global universities committed to educate, innovate, research and support an inclusive approach to healthy and active aging across the lifespan. SDSU President Adela de la Torre received notice that SDSU has been accepted into the Age-Friendly University Global Network (AFU).

The Social Policy Institute has been instrumental in gaining SDSU’s designation as Age-Friendly University and is now the lead entity for this new initiative. Stay connected with us to follow along and see how becoming an AFU will impact families and communities for generations to come.

Older Adults are the fastest growing segment of our population. Education, services, systems, and communities need to adjust to meet the changing needs of an aging society.

What Changed

The Center for Excellence in Aging & Longevity will focus on:

  • Longevity: Helping older adults identify and develop approaches to find meaning and purpose for the extended lifespan post-retirement.
  • Workforce Partnerships: Develop and implement training and employment opportunities for AND by older adults, their family caregivers, and aging sector/industry.
  • Age-Friendly University (AFU): Establish inter-departmental collaboration to facilitate learning for a lifetime, inclusive of diverse students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community stakeholders.
  • Research and Policy: Develop and promote individual, family, and community pathways and processes to improve quality of life and equitable opportunities for older adults.
In The End

Social Policy Institute endeavors to create a comprehensive, age-friendly university complete with a Center for Excellence in Aging & Longevity.

“Training future professionals and leaders to support older adults is an important part of our work, but it does not end there,” said Steven Hornberger, Director of SDSU’s Social Policy Institute. “Sometimes, the most meaningful thing you can do for a person is to help them see opportunities to participate and to engage with their community and, through that, feel valued and appreciated,” Hornberger said. “Our focus is to assist all San Diego’s older adults to live long and healthy lives of equity, opportunity and wellness.”

For more information about Center for Excellence in Aging & Longevity, contact contact Steve Hornberger via email:

Social Policy Institute


SPI's Executive Leadership brings subject matter expertise in their respective fields as well as a combined track record for innovation and quality.

Steve Hornberger

Steve Hornberger is the Co-Director of the Social Policy Institute (SPI) since 2014 administering a number of statewide contracts.

Lori Clarke

As Co-Director, Lori brings innovation and excellence to design/development and facilitation of insight and action.

Stories of Success

What Our Partners Say

Elizabeth Estes

“The Social Policy Institute’s Director, Steve Hornberger, has been an integral part of Breaking Barriers development and implementation. The Social Policy Institute team has brought excellence and innovation to support Breaking Barriers’ work across systems to increase and enhance the well-being of California’s children and youth.”

Elizabeth Estes

Founder, Breaking Barriers
Robin Jenkins

“San Diego State University’s Social Policy Institute has been a highly valued partner for the State of California and an array of organizations seeking to effectively translate evidence-supported science into well-designed public policies for broad social benefits. One example is through our National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives and SDSU collaborations. As well, SPI’s work with county-level Prevention teams and their articulation of best practices with and for Child Abuse Prevention Councils across the state of California has been impressive.”

Robin Jenkins

Associate Director, The Impact Center, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill
Dr. Rachelle Benson

“The entire team at the Social Policy Institute brought subject matter expertise and cultural humility to the revision and redesign of our Faith-based and Behavioral Health Training Academy! Our trainers appreciated the validation for what they already know and can do; coaching to raise their game to a higher level of performance; and the high-quality, evidence-based materials.”

Dr. Rachelle Benson

Vice President, Stepping Higher Inc.

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